3520A - Dvd's burns 5% and then stops

If you’re creating a normal data disc with AVI files, there’s no reason for it to be a problem for Nero AFAIK.

Agreed. As a normal data/DVDrom disk it would be fine.

just did it again to be 100% sure. Chose DVD- ISO. I also thought that it might had made a difference whether DVD5 or DVD9 was chosen. But no, it still failed at 5%. It actually says “error reading data” like the AVI file is corrupt. But surely not all my AVI files can be corrupt.

I am still having trouble with this drive. I have tried writing data, video, avi, mpeg4, mpeg2, etc…so frustrated now, I am returning it to NewEgg today for a full refund. Probably a SiS issue. Guess it wasn’t meant to be…

Well, I still haven’t sent this darn thing back yet. I contacted a local tech guy and he suggested wiping my drive and starting over, so I did that…still same problems, only now I am getting the error message: ."…i/o device error"

Use Nero image recorder. Instead of burning the troublesome data, create an ISO file with it. (select ISO instead of NRG as the file type in the final save dialogue). Once you have the ISO, use DVDDecryptor to burn it.

If it burns everything else fine but that one file maybe trying something like DivFix (If it’s a Divx encoding file) on it to build a new header for it would work? I guess maybe I’m not quite understanding the problem here if it’s burning MPG files and such just fine. I’ll let rdgrimes go back to troubleshooting with this you since he has some very good suggestions there. I’m just a bit brain dead at the moment.