3520A - Dvd's burns 5% and then stops

Ok, just got a NEC 3520A 2 days ago. It burns CD’s just fine. But just not DVD’s.
I even flashed Liggy and Dee 1.U7 firmware, but it didn’t make a difference.
I’ve tried Ritek, Pio-Data and TDK media. I’ve even tried to burn at 1x speed. Still stops after 5% burning, every time. I’ve tried using DeepBurner and CDBurnerXP pro 3. Both programs should be able to burn DVD’s so I presume that I don’t NEED to have Nero.

Is the drive faulty? But it burns CD’s just fine. :confused:

It would be very helpful if you provide some system specs and info.

But I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that you may be running Nvidia IDE controller drivers. (or VIA) Remove this driver and revert to the default MS driver.

Ok, I have an Athlon Xp2000, 1 GB RAM. Mobo: ECS K7S5A.
Just discarded an very old Philips CD-burner. 3520 is on the secondary channel as master. Secondary IDE channel says Microsoft driver version 5.1.2600.1106

Guess that’s not it then.

Would it be better to have it on primary channel as slave instead of secondary channel as master?

Not interested in wht the secondary channel driver info says. Talking about the whole IDE controller. In Device manager, expand the “IDE ATA/ATAPI controller” entry and look at what it says below the primary and secondary channels. If it says anything other than “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”, then it’s not the default MS drivers. Nvidia will usually say “Nvidia” in there somewhere.

it doesn’t say “standard dual channel” but only “standard IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers”.

Besides primary and secondary I also have a SiS PCI IDE controller. I presume that’s related to my graphics card.

No the sis is the ide controller. Try getting the drivers for it.

I would uninstall the SIS controller and reboot, directing Windows to the default MS driver. Updating the SIS driver might also fix this, but it really isn’t doing you any good. And it’s very likely the source of your problem.

I just got my hopes up high :sad:
Installed the “dual channel IDE controller” instead but when trying to burn again, same thing happened. Burns 5% (around 55 sec.) and then stops. Really strange.

How about DMA ? Is it enabled ?
Maybe a new BIOS Version is required…

…or a defective drive?

DMA… hmm… under Primary and Secondary IDE channel I have an “Advanced” tab where I can select “DMA if available”. The “Advanced” tab doesn’t exist under Standard dual channel IDE controller. How do I enable DMA on it then?

Enable DMA on all drives on the primary and secondary channels, if it’s not already so. Then reboot.

I just noticed you are using those burning programs, about which I know nothing. Nero used to have an issue like this in it’s early 6.x versions. But DMA is an absolute must-have.

DMA is enabled all around. I downloaded a trial version of Nero just to see if it made any difference. It didn’t. Stopped burning at 5% as well.

I’m still betting on a driver problem. If the drive is actually starting the burn, but failing later, the drive is likely to be alright.

Occasionally, drivers do not uninstall properly. If you can find the files names of the SIS drivers and manually move them from your system folder, that might be a good step. Also, look for any virtual drives or other related things, look in “Add-Remove Programs” for any driver packs related to the SIS driver or virtual drives.

A typical troubleshooting step is to put the drive into another 'puter to see how it behaves. Or, put a different burner into this system and check it. Replacing the IDE cable would be another step.

weird this. Despite light stopped being lit after 5% burned in Nero I realised later that the DVD actually had finished burning. Looking at the back I’d say it might have burned all the date or maybe just 75% of it. More than 5% though. When I tested the DVD the files didn’t work though.

EDIT: I believe that could be because “high compatability” mode is on in Nero, forcing it to write minimum 1 GB.

I did use the Twin UDMA ATA 66/100/133 IDE Data Cable I bought with the Drive yesterday in case that was the problem but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I’ll look around for traces of Sis drivers.

EDIT: there is a “Sis 300/305” in add/remove programs but I thought that was related to my graphics card. I’m not sure if it safe to remove it :confused:

I have this SAME problem! I got mine about a month ago, called NEC and they said it was probably a defective drive. So I sent it back to Newegg and guess what? The new one is doing the same thing!! I’m out $60 bucks for a fancy DVD that only writes CDs?!?!?
I have replaced my drivers, set my drive to slave, uninstalled the Standard IDE controllers and reinstalled, set to DMA, STILL no help! I have a SiS board too, I am wondering if the PCI-IDE driver could be the problem. I am going to try uninstalling it and see what happens.

You know what? I think I just figured it out! Nero isn’t showing the DVD plugin as installed. So, what do you think about that! That’s prob the problem right? I am going to get it and let you know what happens!

Thanks Rose.

I’ve had a bit more luck. I kept trying to burn some AVI files and it failed at 5%.
Now I managed to burn a whole DVD full of Wav and mp3, so maybe the AVI files contains some errors which the HD ignores but the 3520a doesn’t. Dunno, just guessing.

Did some further testing. I’ve managed to burn 3 DVD’s now. All with 2-4 GB’s content. Mpg files burns fine as well. But it seems that it fails everytime I try to burn an AVI file onto the DVD. Is that some kind of restriction or something?
That could be a bit problematic as I often compose music to video and it’s normally in AVI format. Could NEC have made a restriction so that you can’t burn AVI files because of all the pirated movies there’s about.

Btw. I’ve gone back to factory firmware 1.04, not that I think that makes a difference.

I think maybe Nero is trying to re-encode the AVI files to create a proper DVD compliant disk, but is failing because the AVI files are a type that Nero can’t handle correctly.

If you are trying to create a proper DVD from the AVI files, try converting them to mpeg2 format first with a different program.

If you actually want the AVI files to go onto the disk and remain as AVI, make sure you are burning as DVD Rom rather than DVD Video.