3520A Disk Issues

I am very very very annoyed.

I came here the first time I needed support for this drive and ended up RMAing it back to newegg. I appreciate the help then, now I require it again.

Currently, the drive doesn’t read CDs or DVDs, and I’ve checked the connections.

Let me start off with what I’ve done today, I’ve upgraded my processor and added a sound card today. I don’t recall having used the drive any today. I wanted to reinstall windows, so with my order I also purchased some DVD-RWs. Tonight I decide I’ll go ahead and start with some things, first thing is my music. Everything looks fine, I use Nero to do the burn, it starts what appears to be burning the files, I leave the comp alone, watch some star trek, come back files are finished burning. I didn’t bother seeing if they were actually on the DVD. **edit I put that DVD back in and there were no files on it, yet Nero didn’t report any problems with it.

I decided to start up the next burn of files and it keeps saying it can’t find a DVD, so I try a few different ones thinking maybe that ones just screwed up, nothing works. I tried putting in a game DVD, that doesn’t work. I’ve taken the computer apart and checked the connections to be sure they’re tight. I’ve tried putting a CD in to see if it will read, it won’t.

Whatever information you need let me know.

I am EXTREMELY annoyed. I have burnt one CD on this ever, and have basically used it as a DVD drive. I just need to burn a few disks and it screws up. I hope I was able to provide some accurate and helpful information.

This is a software/driver/filter issue, most likely.

Burn a dvd with verfiy, that way you will see if it can read the burned media or not.

Update Nero to too.

I tried burning with Nero and the standard way windows does it. It doesn’t recognize a disk being in the drive.

We’ll I’ve said screw it and bought a sony DVD burner. I will never buy another NEC product again. I appreciate any time taken to read this post to help me.


What will you do next when this new drive gets the same symptoms - it will soon, you’ll see. :rolleyes:

If your proposing theres something I can do, I’m listening.

Test the burner in another computer first. This should give you most likely the answer if it’s really stuffed up or not. :wink:

sigh, I had a stressful day, it acting up didn’t help, but you are right.


ALright, well, I haven’t tried it yet… I have an old 98 machine thats a beast to do anything to… so I’m dreading testing the drive out. But what causes the drive to stop function suddenly. I take very good care of my equipment.

If you can explain some things, or give me some information I can google and read on I’ll be happy.

When the drive give issues, it’s not necessarily a hardware damage or fault, even software lurking in the background or some quirk drives can produce such issues…

Even though I’m sure I’m ignorant, I appreciate your help. I’ll keep that in mind with the new drive. I’ll retry this drive out on a system I’m rebuilding, it still needs a HD, so no hurry. I’ve already blown the money on a new one, so I guess it doesn’t matter!