3520a defies me and doesn't want to stay Slave



Ok, so I changed the jumper on my 3520a to slave, because I want it to be slave. But it’s still master, which somehow makes my DVD-rom not to be found by the computer. This is very annoying. My DVD-Rom is a Lite-On LTD163 GIH3 (it came with the computer).

So what do I do? :eek:


And I suppose you changed your previous slave drive as… ?

You say you have a DVD-Rom… Is it master? Slave?
If it’s slave you have to change it to master.Otherwiser only Nec-3520, the DVD-rom or none of these will work.

It’s impossible to have two master/slaves in the same IDE. Your PC BIOS will find a drive or none.

If that is the problem, just change jumpers: DVD to master and NEC to slave.


Actually I’m not sure if it’s master or slave, because I don’t have the manual for it. Unless all jumpers are the same for burners and drives, I won’t be able to know. I could try to change place on the jumpers to see what happens I guess!


Put both drives in Cable Select mode.



Be sure that the drive you want to be “Master” is on the far end connector and the one you want to be “Slave” is on the middle connector-

I personally would use the “master” “slave” jumpers rather than “cable select” and you can find the jumper settings diagram on the top of the drive-