3520A Burning 8X Media at 4X



My new NEC ND-3520A (with official firmware v 3.04) is burning TY 8X disc (media ID: YUDEN000T02) at 4X. The NEC burner is connected to my Dell 8200 using BYTECC USB 2.0 enclosure. Any suggestions?


Im using the same drive (though internal) and firmware and I easily burn Verbatim DVD-r 8x at 12x using Nero 6.6… :cool:
Probably the media. Go get some Verbatims


Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R is high quality media and should be no problem at 8x. What recording software are you using and are you using the most recent version of it?


More likely to be the BYTECC USB 2.0 enclosure that is causing the problem…


I am having the same problem with my BenQ 8x DVD+R’s and my 3450A burner… It’s connected to my Dell XPS and it’s internal, I haven’t falshed the firmware or anything since I got this computer in december 2004. I’ve used Sonic Record Now!, Nero, and Alcohol 120% to burn, and they all burn at 4x :sad:


I spent some time to search for relevant posts and began to believe that slow burning is most likely due to low data transfer rate of the BYTECC USB 2.0 enclosure.