3520a at 1x

Is there anything I can do to make my Nec 3520a burn at 1x?

I’m on Mac OSX3.9

No. 1x write strategies for DVD±R discs simply aren’t present in the firmware. But why do you want to burn at 1x?

I guess it’s just some crappy media that won’t give good results even when writing at 1x

It’s for backing up my PS2 games, so I won’t have to buy new each time my little cousin decides to take them out of their boxes and jump on them.

Most games work ok when burned at faster speeds, but some (because of the disc structure, I suppose) start to lag and skip all the way through if not written at 1x - as many will confirm.

And I use grade A Ritek discs.

Thanks anyway!

why the hell would you want to burn at 1x for? just as quikee said 1x strategy isnt included in the drives firmware. the lowest you can burn is 2x and thats only for unbranded and unrecognised media.

do a quality scan of your media, Ritek isn’t always the best media around :a