3520A and Pstwo




First of all, a big thanks to everyone here and the Cd freaks team. I learnt a lot from you !

I own a Nec ND3520A and a modded Pstwo(v12) and I’m having trouble burning good backups. I had no coasters so far but loading times are slower than originals, sound skips sometimes, etc… . A classic, it seems :slight_smile:

The resulting quality is incredibly variable, depending on media (of course) and burning speed. Strange is, if I burn at slower speeds, disc readibility is decreased dramatically. Backups at 2x or 4x on 8x Verbatim -R media gave me a lot of spikes on Nero speed test and are almost unreadable on the console. I tried burning one at 12x and got the same smooth reading curve that the one on the stock vs LD firmware comparison page, so I think my burner’s behavior is standard. The 12x backup played good, but is still not really perfect. And I fear for my laser’s durability.

Ripping and burning is done with dvdDecrypter.

I tried stock and LD beta firmwares,
I tried Verbatim -R 8x, Bulkpack Orange -R 4x (Skc. co. Ltd. media code), Verbatim +R 4x, I burnt a lot, and before ordering a new blank DVDs cakebox, I’d like to know if someone who owns a 3520a is able to do perfect backups of ps2 games, and how (media, burning speed, firmware).

Thank you !


If Bulkpack Orange means Bulkpaq orange then i strongly recommend you stop purchasing them, it might not happen yet but those dvds WILL turn around and kick you in the balls when you least expect it.

PS2`s are very fussy when it comes to dvd media, i use PRODISC R03 DVD+R (DVD-ROM) without any worries but you should buy 1 of each media and test 1 by 1 until a good one comes around.


Thank you, but blank DVDs are expensive and heavily taxed around here and they are sold by 10 at a minimum so I can’t afford to spend 20€ per brand just to test ;). That’s why I ask for successful experiences :smiley:

Anyway, can I ask you wich firmware you use and at which speed you burn ?


I use PRODISC R03 DVD+R (Datawrite Yellow top) and burn at 12x on a NEC 3520A (firmware 1.05 LD3520 Beta 3) and a BenQ 1610 with zero problems.


Thank you GlamRocker ! I just burnt one of these PRODISC RO3 Datawrite and it works perfect. :bow:


Great :), they are quite decent discs once set to DVD-ROM.


Darhf: I would like to add that TDK 4x (TTG01) & 8X (TTG02) DVD-R’s gave me the best performance on my PS2 from all the media that I have tried in the past. Mysteriously enough they performed way better than FujiFilm 8X YUDEN000T02 DVD+R’s (DVD-ROM)… Makes you wonder how picky PS2’s really are. :confused:


Yeah, I also got better results from the Bulkpak 4x (Skc) DVD-R than from the Verbatim 8x DVD-R :confused:



I also own a NEC3520 :bow:
It rules, the only thing i’m having problems wih is “backing-up” PS2 games witch are smaller then 800Mb thus have to be burned on a cd !
I’ve tried several media but somehow it just won’t work.
The dvd’s i burnt +/- r’s all work perfectly, allready had several different types/manufacturers and no problems at all. Last batch were 50 fuji’s 8x and they work flawlesly.

Last try is asking the experts :iagree:
I tried “googling” but after reading 100’s of pages still no clear answer on which media to use.

Is there anyone out there who actually burns PS2 games on cd and can tell me what to use ?? :confused:




I personally use some cheapo £12 per 100 discs (Infiniti professional 48x, media id = SKC) without any problems but PS2`s are to damn picky for some people but other people will get a nice PS2 what will play any disc thrown at it.

The only thing i recommend is you go out and buy 1 piece of each media and test.


tnx, figured that much, was hoping for an definate answer like, "these always work ":P.
will stop by store later this week, unfortunately most media is sold by at least a ten-pack, o well i guess wil have a load of backup medium at stock :slight_smile: