3520A and CMC Mag E01 + R(Memorex 8X)

Well, I picked up 100 of these today for 40.00 at OfficeMax. I came home and burned a backup of Harold and Kumar. Tried playing it in my Sony DVD-NS725P and all seemed good. Menu’s played correctly, all the extras were there. However, when I played the movie, as soon as the “New Line Cinema” lead in was over, the movie jumped in 20 minute increments and played though the entire film in about 5 minutes. The first burn was at 12x, the second at 8x.

I tired playing the dvd in my NEC drive, and it worked fine! So I know it’s the Sony Player. My qustion is, should I try burning at maybe 4 or 6x and see if that helps? Or will it make no difference? Should I return them and go with another brand?

I checked DVDrhelp.com and there was one review of this media for my DVD player and it had 1 play, 0 not, which means it should work, correct?

Just noticed this… Check out the length of the DVD. 2 minutes 21 seconds??? That can’t be right can it???

Well, as it turns out, I guess my Sony DVP-NS725P can’t play DVD media burned with Nero Express. I downloaded CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD and set it up with that and it worked great! Plays perfect!

Oh, and I returned the CMC Mag 02 discs (8x Memorex) and picked up a 100 pack of Fuji 8x (TY TO2) at BestBuy for 40.00. Great deal and so far, good media!

Wierd thing was, the Memorex disc that I burned wouldn’t play in my Sony Player, but played PERFECTLY in my PS2 and my buddies POS Sanyo DVD/VCR combo. You would think it would be the other way around…