3520A and Backup MyPC?

Just finished setting up my new PC and upgraded from my old NEC 2500A to this 3520A. Had no problem running Backup MyPC V5 with the old drive, but im getting errors upon verification with the new 3520A.
Error: “A defective or damaged area was detected on the media. The backup device failed to transfer the data.”
I havent tried another disk just yet as this same disk was working fine with the old rive for the last year almost.
The media im using is Memorex 4x DVD+RW. Formatted it first with the new drive and still get this error.
Running stock firmware at the moment on my 3520A. And version 6 of Sonics Backup MyPC.
I should have read the log more closely before i posted. Turns out that it was having a hard time with the pst files from Outlook. “Error: C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst -has damaged or corrupt data on the media.”
I eliminated them from the backup and now it seems fine.
Not sure if thats an issue with compression or what. Outlook is working fine with the data that was imported from these pst files.