3520A & 8x Ritek R03 SLOW!

I picked up my first 8x DVD+R media, Memorex-branded Ritek R03 (reported as RITEK-R03-002 by DVD Identifier). This is because I just got the 3520A (to replace a 4X Pioneer 106). I burnt my “old” Ritek G04s fine with this new drive, at rated 4X. But the new media, which is labeled 8X, only burns at what I calculated to be ~6X, maybe even less. It takes about 10 minutes for a full DVD, which is way more than I expected.

Is there something wrong, or is this the way it’s supposed to work? I understand ZCLV, but if it says 8X, it should somehow make up for it. This is BS, I have 8X media in an 8X-compatible burner, I select 8X in the burning software, and it burns at <6X.

Any solutions? Doesn’t seem that I can overspeed this media. I run the 1.24 firmware.

P.S. Something very confusing, the media has the “RW” logo on it, and the Memorex packaging said something like “write-once RW media” - WTF is that supposed to mean? But what can you expect from a company who’s motto is “Is it live or is it Memorex?”
P.P.S. Before you flame, I got the discs very cheap ($22 for 50) and I’ve had good experience with Ritek G04s - not 1 coaster because of media in 100+ burns. I was actually expecting CMC, secretly hoping I’d get lucky and get MCC :slight_smile: I consider the Ritek to be in between (better than CMC, worse than MCC). But not being able to burn it at 8X is a prob.

Actual test:
4444 MB in 9:48 (includes everything, as timed by Nero 6.6: spin-up, lead-out, etc.). That works out to 5.6X. Disc and drive and software are all labeled 8X :frowning:

That is the normal speed for 8x. A dvd burn starts at a lower speed and ends at the given maximum; in this case 8x.
And the RW logo is just a logo.

I would also like to know what is going on with burning 8x using Nero 6.6.

Recently filled a Datawrite (TTG02) 8x DVD-R in 9:33, and a Imation (MBIPG101RO4) 8x DVD+r in 9:51. Is this normal for these types of media at 8x ?

Found 1.04 firmware dated 16/12/04 to work best, and found original 1.04 dated 24/11/04 to appear very unstable during burning. And give very poor read speads. Also rejected 1.24 because being made from original 1.04 firmware it gave same results. And found original firmware had many issues with burning CD-R’s.

Of course maybe its just the DVD and CD types I am using. But on the CD side, don’t have any issues burning same CD’s or CDRW’s to their spec with my PlexWriter 16/10/40A.

I’m pretty sure it’s the drive, not the media… Oh well, it shaves ~4 min off my 4X speed (which was really 4X, not this 5.6X-clamed-to-be-8X), so what you gonna do…

Xterminator - I am aware of what it’s doing, however 8X should burn a disc at 11MB/s average for it to be certified as 8X. That’s why I spent money on a 8X drive. This should be put in the FAQ, because currently 8X is a lie on the NEC 3520A (I assume the 3500 was the same). I would not have bought this drive had I known this to be the case.

It’s not a lie, it’s marketing. 8X drives and above all start at a lower burn speed. Some reading here and you will discover terms like CAV, P-CAV, CLV, Z-CLV. No current drive writes at 8X or higher for the entire burn so you would have a similar complaint with any drive you purchased.

It’s more than likely the write strategy.I have the same results.It may change with the firmware updates.

The approx burn speeds ARE covered in the General DVD FAQ here

I totally accept your answer to the 8x burning issue, but its still a lie !

So it appears if we want true 8x burn times, then we must wait till we have 12-16x media available. Or find suitably modded quality firmware that can force higher speeds accross all media.

Being my first DVD burner, I can’t really comment on whether this drive is any better or worse than any other. But like many people i’m sure, I bought it believing it had an off the shelf capability; which now seems to have been no more than an exaggerated marketing ploy.

But like many people i’m sure, I bought it believing it had an off the shelf capability; which now seems to have been no more than an exaggerated marketing ploy.
Welcome to the world of exagerrated marketing.Things will improve though,don’t worry.

Great discussion, if you like time warps back to the past. :slight_smile:

Everything requires a messurements system.
All drive manufacturers quote MAX write speeds.
Perhaps some research into the subject of burning media before purchasing the drive would have been wiser. :wink:

Your link doesn’t go to General DVD FAQ ?

However when I did browse that FAQ, I had impression it said that 8x DVD’s will burn in around 8 minutes.

However I also accept that statement was made in such a way as to mean it could also be a much greater time depending on media and burner. Which is why I asked if my 9:33 and 9:51 burn times were good or bad ?

pointless post !

Since none of this particular discussion would likely have taken place if we all started in the past like yourself and others here.

Sorry for being a newbie !

Yes it does!

(after a quick edit) :stuck_out_tongue:

If you really want to see what you are burning at, and at what point, burn an ISO with DVDDecrypter.

When I was a newbie, I took the trouble to read FAQ’s, and did not start the same discussion over and over again. Being a newbie does not give you the right to be lazy.

I’ve been smacked in the mouth a few times by people on this forum for voicing my disappointment at the slow write speeds on the NEC :slight_smile:

But hey, I just shrug it off and accept the NEC is a ‘slower than most’ burner, apparently NEC think it’s better to burn slower and get a quality burn than burn faster and get a mediocre burn!

Another pointless posting !

For an short answer, sanctimonious is the first word that comes to mind, but at this point I won’t mention the rest !

If you really believe reading a FAQ, which I did read for your information, provides the real answers, then obviously you and everybody else must be doing nothing but wasting time in this or any other forum.

And obviously you also have no time for newbies who don’t already know everything before posting.