3520a 4x max in external enclosure

Hi I just bought an external enclosure and I put the nec 3520a in it, it has the UB firmware but it only burns at 4x max on disc that burn at 8x+, I even tried to do a transfer test with cd/dvd speed but 4x is the max. The enclosure is a USB 2.0 I believe Data one FR-612 http://dateone.en.alibaba.com/product/50038270/50173491/External_HDD_Enclosures/5_25__External_Enclosure.html
it has the AT2 (CY7C68300A) chipset. What could be the problem

It’s one of the many enclosures designed with only HDs and CD-ROMs in mind. I think it won’t get any better but will be OK (upo to 32 MB/s) with any HDs.

ok thanks I wish I knew that before I bought it, now I have a big ugly enclosure paper weight

Same drive in a Firewire/USB-2 enclosure, only getting 6x on 16x DVD media.

Can anybody suggest enclosures that do not cause this to happen?

  • Tim