3520 spins down to fast and



Hi everyone, i need some help here

Is there a way to change te spin down time? My 3520 spins down in like 30 seconds this is fine for like movies and all but i mainley use it for data and this becomes really anoying having to wait for it to spin again everytime i copy or search for somting. I would like it to be like a minute or two. And is there a way to speed up browsing inside the dvd? Browsing inside a cd is fast but in dvd it takes like 3 or 4 seconds to open a folder, empty one if full with lots of file take a wile. Anyway the spindown time is what really anoys me.

Another problem is cant watch [s]vcd it just freeze my pc when i put one inside untill i eject it. Its like its reading it at like 0.000001X the speed.

I think this DriveSpeed is supose to change te spin down time but it dosnt work if this is right then it means there is a way? A setting somewhere? Firmware?

Tankyou for your time and sorry for my english.



I bring up Nero DriveSpeed and the NEC’s spin-down time is set for 32sec so that seems to agree with the time you are seeing. But it can be changed longer up to 32min it appears. What happens if you increase it with DriveSpeed? Doesn’t it take effect at all?


It dosnt work for me.