3520 playback problems



I have used Nero Recode to burn a SL DVD+R (Datawrite MCC003) at 12x (DVD-ROM booktype).

My 3520 has the 1.24beta3 firmware, and my machine is a 3ghz P4, 1GB ram, SATA HDD.

The disc will not playback in the 3520, but plays fine in my 2510 (lovely scan in CD-DVD speed), and in my Pioneer DV-575A standalone player.

When I put it back in the 3520, it recognises it as a DVD-Video, but neither WMP or PowerDVD 6 will play it. Nero CD-DVD speed recognises it as a Data CD… :confused:

Can someone help? My 2510 plays it back so nicely, i’m dissapointed the 3520 can’t do similar.


thouse discs are 8X rated, burning at 12X is not good, i`ve used 2X25 tubs and got far better results at 6X with my 3500.

scanned with my 811s burned with an earlyer LD beta at 6X. burns at 8X create a mountain affect at end of disc.


Yes, i’ve noticed this, but I was under the impression the MCC003 was good media, so assumed it would give good results at at least 8x… :confused:

Even when burned at 8x, the scan looks like this:

(ignore the CPU usage stuff)


real MCC003 made by verbatim is good, the ones branded Datawrite are not in the same league and need testing to find the best speed.


Burn at 4X and retest.