3520 new firmware and linux

anybodyknow if these next firmwares coming out will solve the probs the 3520 has with linux burning and if not if there are any workarounds, i know of a few folks with probs and would like to spread the word.

also while im at it will the PI/PIF Scanning be any use in linux im not to sure on the details or if there are any tools which suport it


sorry if I do not understand you right but if you are looking for a linux tool to flash the bin-file into the nec 3520 you may look here: http://binflash.cdfreaks.com/

It works fine (I allways use it as root). If you have trouble using it send me an email.



no, as i understand it the 3520 reports the media speed wrong which can cause probs burning dvds, for me it just means slightly slower burning but others are having more probs, the cdrecord guys are aware of it but to alter their program would conflict with other drives