3520 firmware question



I’f tried both the nec3520_125 and the 125_20.01.05 which seem to be the same firmware. According to L & D’s website bitsetting is supposed to be auto. When I use the WinFlash utility none of them are set to dvd-rom…
I haven’t yet tried to set them myself but doesn’t Auto mean it should be automatically set ???



Anybody ??? :eek: :eek: :eek:


Bitsetting is AUTO on this firmware, all +R +R DL media has BOOKTYPE set to DVD-ROM. It is NOT possible to change or access this setting with WinBtype or any other Bitsetting tool for the NEC drives.

All +R and +R DL media will have its BOOKTYPE set to DVD-ROM by default :wink:


Unless your DVD player was made in 1921 you wont need bitsetting. Just use the NEC firmware, it might not be the fastest and it might not let you burn the cheapest crapiest discs you can get your hands on but it will give you cracking burn quality.


fyi, 1.25 f/w is released by Iodata in Japan. since 1.24, the f/w is already autobooktype ready. the original NEC 3520 f/w which is version 1.04 does not have autobooktype capability except for DL+9 media.

so, i would say beta1,2,3 f/w are based on 1.24 and 1.25 f/w by Iodata.