3520 Firmware Question



I had purchased a 3500 a few months ago and had no problem flashing the firmware so I could burn +R media and have the auto bitset to DVDROM.

question: do I even need to flash the 3520 to get the same feature? or does it automatically burn to DVDROM format?

question: if I need to flash what firmware do you recommend for the novice?


I just bought this drive (3520A) yesterday and went through the same process. The bitsetting is DVD+R and you cannot change it. If you flash with I-O Data’s 1.24 firmware, it will change the bitsetting to DVD-ROM. You can get 1.24 at http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/tm.asp?m=93724 Just pick the one that says 124_24.11.04. Use binflash Win34 GUI v1.10 to flash. You can get that at http://binflash.cdfreaks.com/ Just run the program, dump the current firmware, flash the new and you’re done.



No need to look elsewhere :wink:

Bitsetting + RIplock + some media speed up…
Need more?


I flashed the drive with no problem:

but now when I try to copy a movie from my hdd to my drive it keeps asking me to insert a writable DVD in the drive??? I am using copy 123 and following the same steps as I did with my 3500.

any idea why it thinks I am not inserting the proper media?


Maybe size is grater than your media’s one?


reflashed the drive which fixed the problem.

question: how do I test to see that the disc I copied is booktype DVDROM? can I run a test in nero or something else?


you’re gonna have to either do a backup or use an unused dvd+rw to check and see.That’s the only way.


I have NEC-3520, so I tryed this firmware and bitsetting doesn’t work with DVD+RW for me :frowning:
I use Nero Burning v6.6.0.1.

Where is the problem?


It’s just possible that this fw doesn’t support bitsetting for +RW, but since I do not own the drive I can’t assure that
Just search in the thread :slight_smile:


make sure your +rw disc is new and has never been burned(unformatted).You can also get one of those apps that totally formats the disc back to it’s original state.