3520 bit errors when burning



I have a 3520 that has served me really well over the past 10 months or so.

Now it started to give me weird errors.

The software burns the DVDs fine (CopyToDVD, DVD Decryptor, TMPGEncDVDAuthor) and when I do a CDSpeed speed test, I get a smooth curve and everything looks fine.

However, when I do a fc /b with the original files on the hard drive, there are lots of errors. The weird thing is, is that the errors are all out by two.
if the original byte was 00, the DVD would have 02,
if the original byte was 79, the DVD would have 7B

the DVD seems to be higher by one bit and its not happening on every byte.

When I put the DVD in my DVD player, the movie has lots of errors (artifacts show up when playing) and the 3250 also has issues playing it back using a software DVD player.

This only started to happen recently. I’ve defragged my hard drive, cleaned up my registry, looked for viruses, looked for spyware, checked my cabling and made sure the IDE cables are snug and still connected, changed the firmware to older versions, etc, but with no avail.

What is happening here? Is my burner dying? Do I need to go and get a new burner?