3520 and RICOHJPN01



Here is a result I get with the 3520 and ritek 4x RICOHJPN01 burnt at 8x with nero 6.6. I have tried various firmwares (dee, tdb, 1.04, 1.25, etc), and this is one of the better scans I can get. Surprisingly, anything burnt at 4x produces MUCH worse scans (unfortunately I dont have a screenshot for that atm). Are these acceptable scans? I am worried I might have a bad 3520!



Seems very acceptable to me since the drive reads the disc @16x max speed. There are no serious slowdowns, only some dips. Do you have any playback problems in your standalone player?


your 3520 writer is designed to write at 16x
hardly surprising that the slower you write em, the worse they get.


No real playback problems. Maybe I was just expecting too much from this media. I see people getting perfectly smooth curves with what I presume is better media, and was expecting to get the same.

I must say that I am quite surprised that 8x gives much better burns than 4x (when the media is rated for 4x)!

I’ll try to post some 4x scans sometime soon.


Me too … this is pretty weird … it should give better results at 4x or 6x than at 8x, given that this is 4x certified media … At least this is the (normal) way this media behaves on a NEC3500! Writing 16x media at 4x might give worse results as the media is optimised for high writing speeds, but writing 4x media at 8x with better results is pretty strange!

The only explanation I can find is that the 4x writing strategy is rather poor? BTW, this media writes pretty well at any speed (4x, 6x, 8x) on any 3500 stock fw …

What brand are your RICOHJPNR01 discs? I’ve used TDK and Traxdata branded RICOHJPNR01’s with very good results. Try writing them at 6x, that might get rid of the speed slowdowns towards the end of the disc …


I have maxell and fuji RICOHJP01 discs and the maxell discs fare better in my scans.I would say your dealing with a quality issue(ritek),not the burner.I wouldn’t worry.