3520 @ 3530, is it possible?

When searching for firmwares, I stumbled onto this page: http://homepage2.nifty.com…

It depicts the succesfull flashing from a 3520 drive with a 3530 firmware. However, since I can’t read the language, I can’t tell if the drive was still working afterwards. And if not, if it was possible to flash back to 3520.

Maybe there’s someone out there who can read the language and clear things up, or someone who’s willing to risk his 3520 by trying?

great i hope sombody could translate it…but it works that is very very good :wink:

didnt work.



OK, thanks, didn’t get that one. Nice try though. Real hero’s still exist.

It would’ve been great, since the 3530 is still not widely available, where the 3520 is.

your welcome.
at least they were able to recover the drives.


For now its not possible, and everyone may not be so lucky too recover their drives.
I would NOT recommend anyone to try this at this time.