3502A shows 4.7Gb DVD-R as 3.8Gb %-/


My cousin bought yesterday 3502A, don’t know the firmware version. The trouble is that Nero sees DVDs as 3.8Gb only :frowning: He’s damaged six blank DVD’s until he noticed that. What’s up and how to fix it?

Welcome to cdfreaks :wink:

Are you sure you understood your cousin correctly?

All SL DVD media shows up with 4.38 GB size (max) Example. You can’t burn 4.7 GB of data to the disc.

Note. Storage 1 kilobytes = 1024 bytes, so there is the difference.

Well, pinto2… If it would be shown though as 4.3 or at least as 4.0… :slight_smile: The shit is that the same blanks are “bigger” on the other computer. My cousins are video operators. They’ve recorded hundreds of DVD’s already with the other recorder (some kind of NEC, too), so there are GREAT chances they don’t mistake. The ISO was prepared just as like as many times before, but it didn’t fit into the DVD on the new recorder. Nice joke, isn’t it?