3500AG won't burn above 11x with YudentT02

For some reason when using my 3500AG I can’t seem to get it to burn above 11x. I used my stock firmware and herries 2.17 and neither worked. They produced the same results with YudenT02’s. See attached image. I nero the recorder buffer goes crazy but the used read buffer stays at 100%

I’ve also noticed that these discs don’t fair very well in my 832s. Maybe I got a batch of marginal quality?
1st image cdspeed create data disc with 3500
2nd is kprobe of attempted 16x burning in nero, didn’t get above 11x
3rd is kprobe of disc burned in 832s@8x
4th is kprobe of disc burned in 3500@8x

These are the fujifilm branded yudenT02’s I got off of newegg. Did i get a bad batch or what?

There are some fake yuden000T02 around I would not be too shocked to find you got a spindle

Fujifilm brand cannot be fake, I’d say?

No the fujifilm +R 8x spindles with grey bottoms are real yuden.

Using CD-DVD Speed, if you run a ‘Transfer Rate Test’ does it reach 16X?
If possible can you post the result of the above test?

Well I have the fujifilm branded 8x +r but the bottom of the spindle is black. Anyway I ran the test on a burned disc from the 3500.
1st image is the burned disc.
2nd image is the disc read back in my liteon combo drive.
See above for kprobe of disc.
Well now here is something strange. The total time to transfer in the liteon is 5:34 and in the nec 5:48. This would lead me to believe it is reading at somewhere between 12-16x but it’s not displaying the correct speed. Whats going on? :confused:


using the speed3 do burstrate test it should be 22mbps or faster for 16x if its not you have something wrong with your 3500 DMA setting make sure its showing UDMA 2 on IDE setup screen under device manager.

I ran burst rate twice and it gave me 14mbps. Here’s a screenshot of my secondary ide properties and a read of a ricohR01 burned in my liteon.

your drive is in DMA multi word 2 max speed is 14Mbps thats just over 8x max
there is very good section on another forum about getting your drive in UDMA 2


what you need to do is get the drive to be in UDMA 2 and all will be well

I have a 100 pack of Fuji +R media which is black bottom but has a raised 1" wider bottom which is signature YUDENT002’s
Look below to see what these look like.
Ive had no problem reaching close to 16x speed with these and burns in under the 6min range, last file i burned tonight was 4.1 gig in 5:15mins.
You got some ide controller issues
Make you sure your not running any memory hoggin app’s either like Newsbin pro or Winrar/Quickpar…kill your buffers.
Also it says MADE IN JAPAN on the side!!!, if there made in taiwan…yukky poopy!! :iagree:


We have decide its not media problem but windows xp not setting his 3500 to UDMA 2 and running it in pio4 DMA multi word2 which is 50% slower then UDMA 2 so his drive is only sending data at 8x max. once he sets his UDMA 2 correctly his yuden will burn fine.

But thanks for the picture of 100 spindle.

I’m currently downloading new drivers for my nforce2 and after I install and reboot I will post back results.
@kenw: I couln’t get any of the solutions posted on the other forum to work for me.


ok well I have intel i845 chipset so used the default windows EIDE drivers. they just worked. I hope the new nforce drivers help. you could also try putting nec as slave with a second drive as master on same cable this sometime will force a drive into UDMA, i had to do this with pioneer drive on one of my boxes it would only do DMA multi word2 till made it the slave on the same cable as my nec

When you look at the cd on the bottom you can see TG001125 right at the inside edge of the dye. You can see it from the top but it’s backwards and you have to get it to catch the light at just the right angle. I forget where I read that but that’s how I knew my fujis were yudens. As long as you can make out the TG and the discs themselves say made in japan you’re good to go. :smiley:

Well I have 2 real spindles of ty fuji from best buy and 1 is much better than the other … so just because it is real ty doesn’t mean there aren’t variances in quality for them also… (they both have the tg001125 number on the discs)…

I’m running a nvidia based board Abit AN7 and i do switch back and forth drivers, gave the new 5.01 drivers a try, few days later i lost 2 drives,360 gig worth of data too!!
I dont know if that’s related or ive been phreaked.
I was trying to unrar a large file onto that drive that had the last file corrupt, well it corrupted my whole drive, then while in dos with a WD diag floppy, after rebooting my sata 200 gig drive was unrecognizable…tuesday was a bad day!!!
Wd sent me a new drive, this happened few months ago so under warranty i’m not taking any chances.

I would still stay away from nVidia’s IDE driver until enough people have said it is stable… they just can’t make good IDE drivers…
The 100pk spindle I got from Newegg (like you did, I think) isn’t working out too great for me. I wonder how you are doing with your spindle.
My YUDEN000T02 burns on NEC3500 hasn’t been too great… I mean, they are not bad, but not to the normal TY standard that people are seeing. I don’t know to blame it on my 3500A (varying in quality in the drive itself), the media (lots of people said that even TY varies a lot) or the scanning drive (Liteon 1633s).

Well I installed those damn nforce drivers and it screwed my installation so I had to reinstall windows. Man was I pissed. I just got up and running and am still reinstalling all of my programs etc, but it still shows I’m in multi-word dma 2 :frowning: WTF?

Have you check your bios settings… there are sometimes settings in bios to enable differernt dma settings also…

i bought 200 of the best buy fuji’s(ty-t02 media id). burned 11 disks on my new 3500, all trash. kprobes were bad. just returned all of them, plus i rma’d my 3500 to newegg. i had the worst burns ever with this combo. i also tried them on my 411s@811s, total garabge. i tried every 3500 firmware out there cept the beta’s. still cr@p. i was so disappointed with this ty-t02 media. my sony + media (ricoh01) burns smoked the ty-t02 on both the 3500 and the 811s. i think there is someithing wrong with this ty-t02 (or the firmware write strat), since ty-01’s were always my best burns.