3500ag Slow Burning Problems



I have literally searched everywhere on this forum and I have not found an answer except “buy better media”. I have the Ridata 8x discs, which are really the Ritec R03-02’s. these, as in many posts I have read, only burn at 4x for me. I have seen that this is what NEC did b/c of QC issues, but I wonder if I can get aroudn it. After all I did buy 100 of them.

I installed the Liggy And Dee’s ND-3500 firmwares V2 Beta 3 2.18 firmware with no avail. I also read about changing some DMA settings, but I am set on Ultra DMA currently and have no idea what to do in that area.

Is there any firmware/setting that I can change to make these burn at 8x?

I appreciate any help given.




Believe that you are going to have to live with what you have-



Do they identify as ridata or ritek? I’ve been burning Ritek R03-02s @ 8x with no problems, I’ve heard the ridata disks are b grade Ritek, which is why they limited the speed. What does DVD identifier say? It apperantly identifies differently than the media I have or it would be able to burn @ 8x. I’m using an older version of the dee & liggy firmware, but the ritek speeds should be untouched from the stock firmware. I dunno, you could ask Dee to change the strategy to the same as the Ritek R03-02s. That’s what I would do if I were you. :sad:


They identify themselves as Ritek R03-02s in DVD Decryptor. Could you link me to the firmware that you are using if you dont mind.

Thanks for some hope anyway, but unless this works i’m just gonna go buy some media that is 8x that i know will burn at at least that.