3500AG problems... think's it a CD drive


I’ve bought an NEC OEM DVD RW, I actually thought I’d purchased a 2510 but Windows reports it as a 3500AG (it is possible it’s installed the wrong driver?).

Anyway, I burned a DVD in copyToDVD and when I insert it into the drive, the drive letter changes to ‘CD’ as if it thinks it’s a CD drive. I’m also unable to burn anything using TK8 backup (tk8.com). I can read my LOTR DVD no probs… I’m using Plextor media.

I’ve reflashed it with the original firmware, but still no joy using TK8.

I only bought it to backup my source code, and it’s turning out to be a pain in the arse! I hope somebody can give me some pointers otherwise it’s just going into my big box of computer junk.



Welcome :wink:

You never told us what OS you are on. This link may give you some ideas where to start your troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

BTW, don´t worry about your drive changing “shape” in widoze explorer. :cool:

Hi Pinto,

I’m on XP Pro, following your lead I checked Microsoft’s support pages - looks like it maybe a bug - so I’ll make use of one of my two free support calls and see if they’ll give me this ‘fix’