3500ag problems...still unsolved



i recently wrote a thread and got some good ideas on what my problems may be with regard to unsuccesful burns…well things have gotten worse…
i have my nec set up via a usb 2 enclosure so i thought i would try making it internal device…no luck…then i tried via usb on another computer…no luck…so i put it internal on that computer…still no luck…i have now wasted so many cdrs and dvdrs i have given up counting…now i thought the problem may have been media related so i bought some very expensive dl verbatims which are the recommended media for the burner…and it still crashed out…wasting the disc…the drive begins to burn ok but when it gets to about 75% on cdrs and 5% on dvdrs and 5% on the dl it just stops burning…no error message the burn light goes off and it sits idle…then when you give up and try to abort the burn it locks with the burn light on and finishes the disc…at which point it then tells you that you aborted the burn…help…please…by the way i do have the burner set as master and also dma is enabled


Stick the drive inside a computer and see if it still has error’s, if it does get a replacement, maybe should of gotten a firewire enclosure which is faster transfer rates, i wouldnt try over 4-8x in a enclosure anyway…IMHO i would NEVER buy a internal drive for extrernal use…stop thinking your saving a buck…look at your aggrevation.


sorry for any confusion…i didi try it internally…on 2 different computers…had to get usb as my computer has those silly shaped fronts you cant buy for love or money


The drive should work well ‘internally’ so, if it does not, rma it.



Just to be sure that you said had tried 2 different computers for Internal IDE-Mode,and your NEC-3500 still did not work? May I know WHAT DVD Burning Application you were using with, and did your Operating System,whatever it was, recognised your NEC3500 O.K. at that moment? What Firmware version has been installed in your NEC?
Normally your NEC3500,when coupled with suitable Burning SW and assumed no issues in your OP,should work O.K. unless either or both above said conditions were violated.



dragonone…i bought the drive as oem so no software…am using nero 6.3 and the computer does recognise the drive …saved the log of a failed cdr which reads as follows
16:45:04 #38 CDR -1135 File Writer.cpp, Line 304
Write error
any ideas what this could mean…


firmware version is 2.16…cant flash it as i think im gonna need the warranty


I used Nero Burning,flashed my NEC to Herrie’s 2.17 and I have no problems with this NEC-3500 what so ever when I was using it internally! Assuming that you were using the same Nero Burning version,your OP did complain about when you initially installing your NEC3500! Since you are retaining your warreny Right as you DID NOT flash it with NON-NEC FWs, your safe option I would suggest is to RMA it back before it is too late.


I too have had good luck with 3500 on mad dog 2.f8 fw thats what herrie used to make 2.17BS fw, but im using TDBs fw hack as i didnt need rpc1 and herrie has never made fw that didnt have riplock and rpc1.


Actually, USB2 has faster transfer rates than firewire.

Firewire = 400mbps
USB2 = 480mbps