3500ag problem

I wonder if anyone can help me. I built a new system a few days ago as per below. Everything works a treat but when i try to burn a DVD at any speed the Buffer Level ( not the used read buffer ) keeps dropping to almost zero and then back up again and it does this all the way through the burn. The finished dvd does seem to work ok but it makes the burn take quite a while. The DVD’s are Mirrow Platinum -r’s ( rated 8x ).

Now i do have a confession :o When i was doing the build the drive did “accidentaly” fall out of my case onto the floor. Do you guys think this has killed my drive or is the problem elsewhere

I’m using nero ulta

Coolermaster Stacker -Case
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum - Mobo
Tagan TG480-U01 - PSU
AMD Athlon 64 3800+ - CPU
Geil 1GB (2x51MB) PC3200 Ultra Platinum CAS2
Hitachi Deskstar 250GB Sata - HD1 ( system )
Maxtor 250GB IDE - HD2 ( Storage )
NEC ND3500 16x Dual Layer DVDRW - DVDRW
Windows XP


This looks like DMA is not enabled.
Enable DMA for your Maxtor HDD and NEC 3500 in Device Manager.
DMA is in the two IDE channels.


well 1st of all you could try the drive on another system if you got a mate or someone with a diff configuration you could test the drive there. Secondly, whats the time Elapsed and the Time Remaining when the dvd is around 99%? I had a similar problem with a Sony dvd writer, i used to select x4 speed on nero same as urs and it used to tell me time remaining was 12 mins for example at the begining of the burn, but actually the time elapsed at the end was 25 mins!! the drive was burning at x2 only, it was faulty then they changed it for me(warranty still ok) and you could check that the DNA is enanabled :iagree:

It’s normal thru out the burn the see the device buffer fluctuate every minute or so, its the OPC burn control testing the disc, it does add a small amount of burning time, i’d say maybe 30 seconds top’s for a full burn.
I finally got some YUDEN002 dvd+r’s that burn @16x and the whole burn takes around 7 mins for a full dvd.
@8x you should see full burns in the 9-11min range.

Ive just burn a 2.5gig dvd at 8x and it said it would take 4.15 minutes - it actually took 10 minutes. The buffer isnt dropping ever minutes or so its doing it constantly - about once every 2 seconds. Just checked dma and the drive is set as primary master - should it be Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra33 or Multi-Word DMA 2?

It should say Ultra DMA 2 on the NEC 3500 and Ultra DMA 5 ( or 6 ) on the Maxtor HDD.

And try the NEC on secondary channel as master

ok the maxtor was already on ultra 6 but the nec was on “Multi-Word DMA 2”. I changed it to “Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra33” and the buffer only drops every few minutes so i assume that is OPC (whatever that is!) that Budman62 mentioned. This time the 2.5gig dvd said it should take 4.15 minutes but it actually took 8.30 minutes. Is this normal?

Thanks for the help guys.

Yes, that is WOPC. It should be about 6 min. Try a testburn with Nero CD/DVD Speed and see how fast it is burning. it should start at 4 speed, then 6 speed and about halfway through go to 8 speed.

Should be about 9:40 at 8X for a full DVD, the same as on the 2500/2510.


Done the nero test and this is what i got - does it look normal?

So 8.30 minutes for the 2.5 gig dvd a did earlier seems a bit long doesnt it?

This is a 12x burn… and NEC has a lot of trouble burning this media. What is the MID code for the media above? Use DVD Identifier to get the MID.

Yes, that is 4 speed time (8.30 min. for 2.5 GB).

What is the MID for this DVD?

The MID ( thanks for the link to the program ) is TYG02, and it does say they are upto 8x

Trouble…? I don´t think so. This is after all a good media that has a 12X writestrat in NEC! :wink:

Good media?

These are fake Taiyo Yuden discs, some of the crappiest media there is. Check this thread for details.

No surprise that your NEC 3500 has problems writing these discs (using the write strategy for geniune, high quality TYG02 media).

The media is your problem (if you can actually call these potential coasters media at all). Buy better media people, your stinginess will bite you in the ass sooner or later.

@mjm8975, what software did you use for the cool looking “torn paper” screen shot effect?

So bigpockets have sold me dodgy dvd’s hmph :a

The screensot was done with SPX Instant Screen Capture from here

It wouldn’t be the first time that BigPockets have sold dodgy media! Try SVP