3500ag is missing

So I burned a few dvds today. I go to burn another and the drive disappears from Nero. Also gone from my computer. Device manager reports drivers loaded but unable to locate device.

reboot same deal
BIOS set to AUTO and sees CD-ROM drive - ok

uninstalled Pri and sec IDE - still nothing

Drive opens and closes fine.

No software, including flashers able to see it.

Any ideas? XP sp2 if it matters, drive has been good since november 2004 and over 1000 dvds burned.

Try to restore your “Operating System” (XP) to few days back and check the drive IDE cable then if the problem didn’t resolved report back for further help.

try safe mode and see if it is seen there. xp loads cdrom drivers even in safe mode. if you can it is something in the registry if not then try reseating the cable or reflashing the drive

restore no help

cable is good, and jumper is master on secondary IDE (nothing else connected)

safe mode and it is still not there.

I ordered a 3540 from newregg today…but I would like to know what happened here.

Have you installed Alcohol 120 recently?

No, why?

How burning software Alcohol has any thing to do with this problem?.

When I read posts like this one thing immediately comes into my mind: cleaning the lens/drive. :iagree:

I do not think that would help windows see the drive.

I’d see if it’s recognised in another puter before I ordered a different drive! It sounds to me like it’s got to be a windows error. I’ve tried to copy certain games, and it makes the drives disappear from windows, it’s a PITA. They always came back with a restart though, and that was also a long time ago in windows 98. I’d say try flashing the firmware if another machine doesn’t find it. Also, try setting your bios to boot from it, and see if it will boot witha bootable CD in it. If it does, I’d say the drive is fine, windows is screwed. :Z

Why Alcohol 120?

Well, I had a similar problem last month for 2 of my computers. I noticed that no drive shown up in My Computer folder (included NEC3500 and the virtual drive created by Alcohol 120). The BIO detected the drives, so not hardware problem here. Checked the device driver, drivers were all there, but Windows XP couldn’t load them. Moreover, WinXP indicated that the registry was deleted or corrupted for those drives. Now, the only thing I did to those 2 computers was installing Alcohol 120 last month. This makes me incline to blame Alcohol 120 for this problem (and plus Alcohol 120 always create a virtual drive, and that might screw XP)

I had to reinstall WindowsXP to fix it, (unless you know how to repair Win registry). My suggestion to you all is to backup the registry.

Well, I thought my problem had gone away since I decided to upgrade my mobo bios. I booted up to XP Pro and I saw the drives…thinking it was finished, I shut down checked again tonight and nothing there. Anything short of re-installing XP can I do? This wasn’t a problem till I put in my NEC drive.

Does it not show them in device manager? Checked the drive letter assignments in Computer Management? Tried swapping the drives on the IDE chain?

Also look at this http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=320553

@ Argetni,

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting. Although this reference thread talks about the AnyDVD software program the information concerning Windows Registry Upperfilter and Lowerfilter information is pertinent to your problem. Review referenced posting comments #16 and #19.


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Well new 3540 is in, doing same thing, not showing. I used the http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=320553 and now it is there. I bet the 3500 was good 2, what a pisser. Thanks for the link.

@ Argetni,

If in fact you had viewed my initial posting (#14) in this thread and read the information I provided in the referenced thread link you would find that it is exactly the same information you reference from Microsoft concerning editing your Windows Registry Upperfilter and Lowerfilter information.

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