3500AG Enclosure w/ HDD



Can I use the USB Enclosure for my 3500AG with a hard drive? Or will it only work with my 3500A drive? It’s not a permanent thing, I just need to check out a hard drive I have, and seeing as how I don’t have a desktop it would be convenient. So if anyone knows, or has tried, it would be good to know.


3500A/AG…same beast…no problem.


yeah theres no diff.


Are you asking if you can take your burner out of your external USB enclosure and put a hard drive in instead? If so, the answer is probably yes, assuming that a) the hard drive has an ide connection not a serial connection, and b) does not have a larger capacity than the chipset in your enclosure can handle. Try it and see - as long as you don’t physically break anything in the process, there shouldn’t be any harm to your equipment.


Yeah, I’m probably going to try soon. Everything should work out.