3500AG does not burn Single Sessions

The NEC 3500AG burner doesn’t burn “No Multisession” datas of 1 gigabyte or higher. I mean it burns but then you’ll get “No Seek Complete” error. :a Though, if you burn regularly using “Multisession” then even 4 gigabytes of data would burn smoothly.

Someone please help me test out with the 3500AG that you have right now. Try burn image files with only 1 session that are 3.5 gigabytes. If successful, can you tell me which firmware you are using and what is your computer stats, Thank you very much. :bow: :bow:

If someone can explain why this happens…It’ll be very appreciated. :bow:

Is there anyone else getting this kind of error? Please help out. :slight_smile:

What media are you using, can you post the MID code of the media?

Princo… how do i find out the MID?

it is a “Compusa” brand, I have a friend who used the same thing on his burner (a different burner, sony one) and it worked. Even though the it is Compusa brand, the Nero dvd reader said that it is manufactured by PRINCO.

Any idea?

Thank you

here is my system specs:
mobo: Asus P4P800 Deluxe
cpu: Pentium 4 HT 2.6ghz
512 RAM PC3200 400mhz
120 gig SATA Seagate Barracuda


The very word “Princo” bespeaks of crap media-which is probably the root of your problem-

Use the best = Taiyo Yuden and then see if you have the same problems (you probably won’t IMHO)-


btw - you can score a cakebox of 50 Taiyo Yuden 8x in either + or - for $30 plus $5.13 shipping from www.rima.com

Found out that it was the Discs. Princo really sucks ass.

I later tried the burner with Memorex (CMC Mag) and TDK (TTG01), both types work well. The TDK went up to 8x automatically, even though it is a 4x media.

3500AG is a very picky burner.

:bow: Thanks you who ever that helped.


The 3500 is not picky - the firmware is written very conservatively - it likes good media - and gives good burns with it -