3500AG burns too fast

I’m pretty new to DVD-Recording and got my NEC ND-3500AG just a week ago. I burned some basf emtec DVD+R 4x medias using k3b and got an average write speed of 4x. But after burning some of those medias, I got average recording speeds of 5,9x. Why does the recorder burn faster than the medium specified? Does it “learn” something about it and then knows how to burn better/faster?

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NEC is confident about their DVDRW drives write quality and has decided to burn some nedia types at higher speed then the media producer rated. :slight_smile:

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And yes, this is quite “normal” and I don´t think drive is learning anything about your “media”.

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It’s accomplished through the firm ware and how the write strats are written for the types of media. Welcome to the Forum and Happy New Year!!


It’s possible that you got different batches of BASF media (possibly from different factories.) Even though the discs look the same, the drive can tell the difference by reading the media codes and knows which media can be burned at a higher speed without sacrificing quality.