3500A (with LV_1.4 firmware) in KingWin external Enclosure = can't burn at 16x -HELP!



Got a new enclosure thinking it is a good one (per someone on another board recommendation)…so I went ahead and bought a KingWin KH-350U-S (USB 2.0 only).
The thing is I only get 19 MB/sec burst speed…which is not enough for 16x.
I RMA’ed the drive and they gave me a “upgraded version”, the KH-350UF-S (USB 2.0 and Firewire). Firewire is useless because my IBM T42 laptop doesn’t have firewire…but the USB 2.0 on the “upgraded” version is even worse. I now get 18MB/sec…arghhh.

What to do now?? :confused:


I have asked about using an external enclosure on the forum too. Consensus seems to be that USB 2.0 will not allow you to get 16X burns…you NEED firewire. They do make PCMCIA cards with firewire.


Thanks man…i guess i’ll have to spend more money. Hmm…may be I’ll tell my chick what i want for Xmas now :smiley:


Okay, bought the firewire pcmcia to firewire 1394a…burst speed is 13MB/sec. Obviously even worse than USB 2.0 (18mb/sec). I’m going to return is POS firewire adaptor.

conclusion: Kingwin sucks!


Check out the external enclosure thread in the main Recording Hardware Forum. Most people seem to believe that the best enclosure should use the Prolific chipset. It is also important to have a good chipset on your computer too.



Link: [thread]119149[/thread]