3500A will not read Joint Ops Expansion, drive clicks

As above, the drive just clicks every 5 seconds or so while it attempts to read the disk. Then, it gives up after about a minute. XP says there is no disk in the drive. So far, this is the only disk it does it to. I’ve almost every different firmwares possible, including all of the latest modifies and all of the original stock ones. The disk works in my second computer (Samsung combo drive) and I also removed the drive from my rig and installed it into my second one, same results.
Is my drive about to quit on me, or could it be it just doesn’t like this one disk?


BTW, it burns dvd’'s and cd’s with no issues, no other problems at all.

  1. Could be a bad pressed disc.
  2. Could be that your drive has failed. Repetitive ‘clicking’ noises emitted by
    an optical drive is not a good sign. If you are using the NEC ND-3500a, I
    can say that I had one drive do exactly that right when it decidedly to
    perish…but it would not even burn anything, much less read discs.

Possible solutions:

  1. Exchange your copy of the software for the same software at the store
    where you bought the copy you presently own. If the same problem occurs
    then see #2 below.
  2. RMA the drive. :slight_smile: