3500a Vs 3520a

I have a 3520a that I have successfully installed a hacked firmware for bitsetting. My friend has a 3500a and I was wondering if the same firmware I used will work on his. If not does anyone know which one will work?


No, a 3520 firmware cannot work on a 3500.
Check these pages for 3500 firmwares:

The NEC 3500 and the 3520 have different hardware so a flashing a firmware of a 3520 won´t work.

Have a look in this thread

Thanks guys!

the 3500 and 3520 fw modified at this forum is outstanding in every way. there is no need to ever crossflash. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :cool:

And both drive burn very high quality burns. See my link for a comparison.