3500A TY media not detected

Hi guys, I just bought a 3500A and 50 8x TY DVD-R’s (dont’ want to say where, you guys might consider it advertising, but if you want to know i’ll say).

Anywho, it won’t detect the media AT ALL when I insert it. I don’t have any other DVD media to test with, but CD-R’s worked fine. I can’t run a check or anything, it just says theres no media inserted when I put it in. I also tried updating the firmware to 2.18, no go, same problem. Just for shits I also tried reinstalling the ASPI layer. Also a no go.

Any ideas people? From what I read it was a good drive, and this was good media.

Have you tried DVDIdentifier to see if it can read the MID or trying them in someone elses burner?

Tried the former but not the latter. DVD Identifier does the same as all the burning programs, says there is no disk inserted. I will ask around to see if anybody I know has a dvd burner. I guess thats all I can do?

Does it read pressed DVD’s?

You could take your DVD burner out and slip it in a friends machine if possible and try reading those TY’s in their machine. This will tell you one of two things, your drive is bad and/or you’re media is bad (maybe fake TY?) so other than trying different DVD media you ain’t gonna know!

Pressed as in commercial?

I read the TY identification thread, mine show every sign of being authetic, coloring, serial numbers, etc. Also, I inserted commercial DVD’s I had, not a one of them was detected. Was the same thing, read indicator light came on for about 15 - 20 seconds, then went dead. No go. Told me nothing was inserted, tried every program I had.

Is my burner faulty? Time to RMA?

Called NEC technical support, explained to them. They said my drive was defective and to return it. Time to start the RMA process…CRIES

Sorry to hear that, but at least you have a definite answer now.

Good luck with the RMA.