3500A Power Calibration Errors

I just got a 3500A and i’ve burned about six discs so far. About three times i’ve gotten a power calibration error in Nero 6. Each time i’ve reused the disc and been able to burn it successfully. I’m using Ridata 8x discs.

Does this mean my drive is hosed or is it just crappy media?

What’s the MID of those Ridata 8x? Are they +R or -R?

Try burning them at 4x and see if you get the same error, if so, try other media. If that’s the same, drive could be faulty.

You also could try other firmware e.g. from Herrie (2.17) or Liggy (beta 7). Which firmware are you using now, the original 2.16?

The discs are Ritek G05 8x discs. I’ve been able to burn (and verify) them at 12x though, when they work.

I’m using the firmware that came with my drive.

Sometimes the drive will write on a disc after several attempts, sometimes it wont. Sometimes I have to write at 4x or 2x in order to get it to work.

What brand of media should I try next?

It seems to be of popular opinion that Nero’s Verify option is rather useless. Try downloading CD Check http://www.elpros.si/CDCheck/download.php and use it’s “Compare” function to check the burned disc with the source files.

Better safe than sorry!