3500A "no seek complete"

i apologise is this question has been answerd in the forum… i have search for it and havent found it… this is my problem whenever i burn a dvd ( memorex dvd-r ) at 2X or 4X i get burn failed, and says this “no seek complete”, this happens when the data on the dvd is superior to 3.5gb, i have burn a dvd ( the same memorex ) with only 2.5gb and have no problems.
can anybody help me ?

You drive is leaking radiation from the laser and when you wake up tomorrow you will realize you have gone blind!!!

lol…Really though. Sounds like I firmware issue to me. Try burning at a lower speed.

What firmware are you using?

OMG realy ? radiation on xmas bummer… must call bush :smiley:

anyway FastAssEG i had 2.16 and it burn perfect with TDK at 4X, then i flashed it with 2.18 and had this problem… so i did what any normal person would do, flash it with the 2.16 and the problem remains… :S could it be from the memorex dvds ?

Memorex are not the best quality. They are CMC MAG mostly. The hacked FW’s have brought hte best out in them though.

What are they exactly(dvd - or +, 4x or 8x?) and what Speed are you burning them at.

Have you tried a TDK disc again?

the memorex are DVD - 2X / 4X and i tryed burning them ae 2X and 4X and the problem remains.

I havent tryed with TDK cuz the store was out so i bought this memorex, anyway i am going to try with a Prostore dvd + and see what happen, i’ll keep you posted…

I’m having the same problem with 2.18 when burning SmurtBuy DVD-R (ProdiskS03). But the problem disappears with 2.16.