3500A Flash (Used Dee-liggy F/W) Question: Region question Hlp Needed pls

Just flash my 3500A, after reading A LOT.

Used liggy-Dee’s “Binflash + LD V1.4 FAST Firmware” and everything went smoothly, but checking out the drive properties in the DVD Region Tab I still get “changes remaining 2” message, wich is weird for 2 reasons::rolleyes:

[li]I haven’t even played 1 DVD on this drive yet [/li][li]I read that this firmware is RPC1 which is supposed to be region free right??? (Also read that there are 3 forms of region control), but I thought that AT Least the Drive would be region free and I would get this message ever again [/li][/ol] Any comments appreciated . . .:bow::bow::bow:

Don’t bother about this : what you see in device manager is what Windows THINKS the region is. RPC1 means regionfree. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can just ignore the number “remaining left” that pops up in Win, it’s plain wrong ! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Thx for your comment,
But does this mean that I can swap DVD from different regions and there shouldn’t be any problems??:rolleyes: