3500A firmwares: Writing speeds on RiTEK D01


I recognized some strange behavior with the writing speeds on RiTEK D01 media. I started with 2.18 from NEC and went back from there. The first firmware that really shows 4x speed to choose is Maddog 2.F8. Other firmwares show 2.4x only (TDK 2.78) or they show no writing speed at all (Maddog 2.F9) (what results Nero to show “Maximum”, but you won’t find 4x when scrolling down). Can anyone confirm this?

And: How fast is it when choosing “Maximum”?

In Liggys firmware overview every single one of the mentioned firmwares (except 2.18) should be able to burn 4x, but it doesn’t seem so. :confused:

Don’t rely on my firmware overview for these discs. Several firmwares have 2 speedtables for the double layer discs, but I didn’t see the second (valid) one and took the speeds from a disabled table sometimes.

Mad Dog 2.F9 was missing support for RITEKD01, it was accidentally left out.
Mad Dog 2.FA burns RITED01 at 2.4X with good quality. :slight_smile:

Ah thank you, that clears it up a bit.

…but it is listed in the firmware, so it is accidentally disabled? :confused:

Yes, I believe, I could also use 2.18, if I wanted to burn @2.4x. But I’ve bought a 4x DL writer (in times where there isn’t any 4x DL media), so I want to test the available DL media @4x:wink:

I’ve updated my strategy overview and added a new column for RiTEK DL:

Correct me if something’s wrong (but only if you’ve inserted RiTEK DL media yourself and got a different result :wink: )!