3500A DVD-R Read Transfer rate



I’m concerned about my DVD-R transfer rate graph. It doesn’t match what I’ve seen elsewhere. Any comments on the behavior being exhibited starting at 3.3GB? The cap at 10x is expected because I have the 3500A in an external firewire enclosure. I just thought I’d see a line all the way across at 10x. I used DVD Speed to create the data disc used in this read test. The media is Ritek G04 and was burned at 4x. Any thoughts?


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It’s common for the NEC to not be able to read less-than-excellent quality media at the full 16x.


nope as the other person your drive looks like it is in multi word dma mode instead of ultra dma mode 2 which limits it to 10x or so… you need to change th mode in device manager or try a different ide driver


Thanks for the assistance. I see the other person’s post now. Problem is, I’m using an external firewire enclsoure because I have a laptop. So it perhaps seems the enclosure chipset is the problem in this case? Setting the mode to multi word DMA? It’s the Oxfod 911 chipset. Looks like I’ll have to do some research.


Yes, that graph looks definitely like limited transfer rate. Check IDE properties under device manager. ND 3500A has much more improved reading so it should read a lot of disks at 16x.


Almost the same problem. Looking around the forum I have found the answers and I tried all of them but situatution is the same.

nero test

M$ driver

Hardware: Abit KR7A-RAid, Nec 3500 on primary master (single, 80 pin cable).
W2k, properties set to ultra DMA.
Disk test on DVD-R 8x@16x Maxell (MXL RG03)

I have changed drivers form VIA to M$ and to standard IDE ATAPI. The situation is the same. Has anyone solved the problem?


Burn at 4X or 8X and you should see improvement. My 16X burns look great with the NEC 3500A FW 2.18 and 8X DVD+R Fuji Yuden000 T02. Booktype changed from DVD+R to DVD-ROM.


Looking at the pics you posted…you burst rate is not enough to burn over 8x.


are possitive your running in UDMA 2 and not MultiwordDMA2?

is just that your burst rate speeds are what you would get running in multiwordDma.