3500A DVD Burn with G05 - PI and PIF terrible

I just received my 3500A and Ridata G05s. I am not getting the burn quality that I expected from reading these forums. I upgrated the firmware to Herrie’s 2.17 firmware and made sure to follow the tips in the FAQ posted here.

I used the latest version of Nero.
The text results of KProbe are below. Should I exchange my 3500A for a replacement to Newegg? Should I live with it? Could there be something wrong with my Lite-On DVD ROM?


Date : 9/18/2004 7:24:51 PM
Model : 1-0-1-0 LITE-ON COMBO LTC-48161H KH0P
Speed : Max
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2275927
Sampling count : 107869
Errors : 0
PI Max : 953
PI Average : 147.40
PI Total : 2440709
PIF Max : 75
PIF Average : 24.36
PIF Total : 403124

AFAIK, DVD-ROM doesn’t report accurate PI/PIF, use a burner instead

write a disk you know is good and reliable at 4x and do a scan to see if you get a really low error rate to see if you are getting reliable scans

Kprobe isn’t reliable at all with dvd-rom drives. you should rather use Nero DVD Speed. Look at the speed curve and you’ll know how was the burn :slight_smile:

The CDSpeed transfer test is a Jitter test and not a burn quality test.

FYI I have run G05 burns from my 3500 on a Liteon 812S and they are just fine, PI rates in the 40-60 range.

Yeah! I don’t place much weight in the Kprobe scans w.r.t. my Lite-On DVD drive(as in sig). Its crap w.r.t CDR scans as well but if anyones interested here’s some scans of the same ANV Ritek{G05} A-Grade (8x) DVD-R for comparison’s sake.

1.Lite-On (JLMS XJ-HD165H ~ f/w CH12) scan

2.NEC DVD RW ND-3500AG (2.F8) Nero CD-DVD speed scan

3.NEC DVD RW ND-3500AG (2.F8) DVDPro read speed test scan

And you shouldn’t. As was mentioned in the early parts of the post ROM drives are not a reliable way to use Kprobe. The most reliable has been the 812S. Many, but not all, other Liteon drives have had problems.

You must have missed it.

Since the topic of using cdspeed is mentioned in this thread, I have a questions to ask you guys: what does it mean when you burn a disc and the cdspeed scan comes out fine (consistent upward curve) with the 3500AG but looks totally different when you test with another drive like the LiteOn 166S? A lot of my burns come out like this. The curve will look fine when tested with the 3500AG but it’ll be all over the place when I use the 166S. Can someone shed some light on this?

The ND-3500AG would appear to have very good error correction and seems to be a very good reader. CD/DVD Speed Transfer Test shows the drives ability to read the media, it would appear the ND-3500 is just a better reader than the LiteOn

I ran another burn just so you could see a real scan and not have to take my word for it. This was burned on a 3500, stock 2.16 firmware at 8X. I run Kprobe at 8X because the guys at Cdinfo have determine this is more closely correlated to the results they see on the professional equipment. Sure, Kprobe is not perfect, the Liteon drive only cost $60. It still is a consistent indicator of quality. Good media shows good scans and bad media shows bad scans. Add the CDSpeed transfer test for jitter and I’m happy.

To have any meaningful scan on CD Freaks, you should scan at 4X. It’s a balance of speed and accuracy as not many will wait for a 1X scan taking 50 minutes or more. Lets face it, your DVD set top player will read the disc at 1X, so why the guys at CDInfo reckon 8X is the best way to scan is beyond my simple female logic.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Beyond your simple female logic…? Hmm, maybe because they are all males… hah ha, ha. :slight_smile:
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to be honost i never test my dvd’s. If they work in 3 dvd players (talking movies now) i am satisfied with the burn result.
I use cheap media so i can’t expect to much.

But in general, is it advised to buy a NEC 3500 above the other new dvd burners?

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take it from another female …Dee-27 is female who jsut happens to be very knowledgable when it comes to some of this stuff you are talking about…me on the other hand know very little and if it wasnt for forums like this one, and people like Dee i would know even less :smiley: ty for listening:p

Thanks for your input Dee but I still have some questions. The thing that troubles me is with the NEC-3500AG f/w 2.F8 I burned a TYT02 8X DVD+R disc at 16X. This TY disc is supposedly one of the best blanks out there if not the best so I figured a great burner + great disc should equal a great scan with any drive. I would assume this to be true or am I wrong? :confused:

Simple, when you compare it to the equipment that costs thousands and is very accurate, 8X is most highly correlated. If it makes you more comfortable my scans at 4X and 12X are virtually the same.

It’s too bad this has become a “gender thing”. :eek: It probably was never ntended to go this way, but sh!t happens. So WTF, let’s just get by it and go on. In the search for solutions, sharing knowlege and experiences, and meeting new online friends, this topic has no value here!

Norty69er, thanks for you input! Dee-27, I appreciate your help and contributions to all of us… I’m quite certain I’m not alone.


The point i was trying to make was (and save you some time in the process)
4X scans has been adopted as the unofficial standard for scans on CD-Freaks. Scans posted at other speeds will at ‘best’ be taken with a pinch of salt by other members or ignored completely because they were not scanned at 4X

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: