3500A Bitsetting Question

I have been reading through the posts on this drive and am trying to figure out what bitsetting is. So far I have been burning all my DVD movies on DVD-R Ritek media and all play fine on my DVD players. I am just curious because it seems people are having issues with the current firmware in regards to bitsetting. Thanks for your help with this newbie question.


A quick search in the forum would give you the answer you’re looking for, but, anyway, bitsetting allows people to set the + format discs (note: NOT - format!) to a media type of dvd-rom. This allow more players to be able to read the + discs. Some of the older players were intentionally disabled from reading the + format discs even though they are technically capable of doing so. (Ain’t format wars wonderful?) So, the moral of this story is, if you have a solution that works for you, don’t mess with it. In your case where you’re using - format discs, you can’t use bit setting anyway and MOST (not all) players will read the - format. I hope this helps.

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