3500A and 3500AG same?

Ok, Im actually quite new to DVD burning just got a NEC 3500A from newegg thanks to many of the success stories on this board.

Now of course I want the latest firmware and such and the post above seems to have a wide variety to choose from the 206 or the 216 or MadDog TDK etc etc etc…What Im trying to figure out is which one of these should I use? I want to set booktype to DVD-ROM…

Welcome :wink:

I hope you will find something HERE. I use 3500W2F8 (windows) firmware.

BTW, there shouldn´t be any differance between those “modells”.

Tried those, but it wont let me select my DVD writer in the drop down box…Is the bin file available?

Yeap, at same site… :slight_smile:

Sheesh…dont know what is wrong with my system…Nero info says aspi is installed and working correctly…but nero hangs when I try to burn or even Check info on a DVD…I have RiData 8x DVDs from NewEgg thought those would work ok…

anyone else have the problem where the drive will not lock? Does it have to do with DMA settings or incorrect ASPI drivers?

dang silly me…didnt see the note above about nforce controller drivers…took those out and it works fine now. thanks for the info and the great board :slight_smile: now to see if this RiData can go faster it says it can :slight_smile: