3500A 12X CD-RW CMC Only write at 10X Firmware 2.16 help!

Don’t worry about it I will be getting :bow: 24X CD-RW’s! and will be using my Liteon 52x24x52.

2.18 is the latest firmware for the ND-3500A. I’m not sure if this will allow faster write speeds for your media. But the firmware is much improved over 2.16 for DVD media.

A link to NEC’s web site can be found in the Big NEC FAQ

I will be using my 12x for now so I am still looking for a way to open the write speed up from 10x and all the new firmwares seem to not update anything with regards to CD-R/CD-RW media :confused:

I did read the link DEE posted and there was a section under NEC FAQ that said sometime nec lowers the write speed to get better quality results can anyone verify if this is the case for my CMC Magnetics 12X cds please?

Nec only supports 10x for CD-RW discs of your type. I don’t think it’s possible to speedup to 12x. With CMC Mag. 12x you mean CD-R or CD-RW? CMC Mag. 12x CD-R are suported at 24x in the firmware but I might be wrong.

I mean 12x cd-rw!


Hi, where did you learn this from “Nec only supports 10x for CD-RW discs of your type.” ? May I have a link to that information please.


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Sorry… I haven’t seen the reply… Every 10x/12x CD-RW burns only at 10x on Nec. And there is no page (or I don’t know of it) that states this.

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