3500 with RITEK-R03-02

has anyone have success getting RITEK-R03-02(dvd+r 8x) to burn at 8x… i tried like 5 different firmware still no luck… such a party pooper thought ridata dvds would burn 8x nicely on the nec drives:-/

I wish I knew. I bought 100 of em when I got my 3500. I’m really quite pissed that they only burn at 4X even with 2.17 FW.

yep same shit happen to me

Same here =(

The F’ed up thing is that the 4X Ridata media I bought for less money will burn at 8X! Go figure…

If fell the need of a firmware patch. Wish it so much but no answer yet from the pathers.

Ritek R03-02 media is known to vary widely in quality from batch to batch, NEC are not the only drive maker to cut there write speed to 4X to make sure you get a good burn.

I didn’t see anyone explicitely asking a patcher for such a patch :bigsmile:

Liggy, could we have a firmware that allows us to burn R03-02 @ 8X ? :bow:

Ok… please Liggy - even a beta… just enable 8x on Ritek R03 (sold as Ridata). I saw 2500 is capable of 8x writing, I saw Pioneer A08 allows even 12x and so on. We are eager to test the patch if any. And thank you beforehand. (I was emailed Herrie about before hence my above statement).

Very true, they are problematic in several other drives - but I do not think it’s a media problem only as my BenQ DW1620 writes every type (including those that other drives dislikes) of ritek.r03 at 12x, with PERFECT results every time. (LOW PI/PIF and reads perfectly alle the way up to 16x).

I think it should be possible for the drive manufacturers to tune their drives for ritek.r03 media.

I’ve extended my current test firmware to enable 8x for RITEKR03-002. Now I just need to know where to send it. The following changes are implemented at the moment. KProbe scans are of course highly appreciated :iagree:

RITEKG04 uses strategy from RITEKG05 (Had to move OPTODISCK005 to RITEKG04’s place)
RITEKG05 uses strategy from TTH01
SONY04D1 uses strategy from MCC 02RG20
FUJIFILM03 uses TTH01 (I wouldn’t use more than 12x on this one)
RICOHJPNR00-001 uses strategies from RICOHJPNR01
RITEK R01 and RITEK R03 use 2.4x from RITEK R01, 4x from RITEK R02, 6x and 8x from TDK 003
RICOHJPNR01-002 uses strategies from RICOHJPNR02
PRODISCS03 moved to TDK 003 (had to move NANYA DR to this position)

And some 16x medias lost their ability to write at 2.4x
Everything is based on Herrie’s 2.17

I’d very much like a copy of the new firmware please.
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I just started a thread for TEST results for Liggys TEST firmware :wink:

great. Would like to test my RITEKG04 with your FW Liggy.

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I’m interested in trying this fw
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Your firmware does not have the change for RITEKR03 that was applied later. Already got some feedback on other strategies. I’ll see what can be done here.

Everyone who sent me a request until now should get an email with my test firmware soon.

FYI, I tested a number of firmwares, writing strategies, and speeds on my Liteon 812S and found my R03s had very good scans at 6X with US0Q.

please send me a copy of the test firmware to test thanks
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