3500 - What's your preferred firmware


I bought my 3500 this past week and am completely new to the DVD writing scene. I did much research before my purchase, and due to my budget I held off for quite some time despite wanting a burner (I had to go with a DL capable drive, and it sure wasn’t going to be a 2.4X). I’m not sure if this has been covered, but what firmware are you fellow users using? I realize at this point in time there aren’t many options and opinions on this matter are fairly subjective, but I’m curious nonetheless.

I bought my drive with 2.16, and soonafter upgraded to “2.08 unofficial”. I finally got a hold of Herrie’s 2.17 which seems feature rich, but I’m unsure if I want to revert to older write-strategies. On the other hand, 2.16 served me well for about 10 discs. Then there’s the Mad Dog 2.F8 firmware. I don’t like the fact that each firmware in the Mad Dog package is good for one feature (ie. rip lock OR rpc1). Am I missing any?

NEC ND-3500A (from MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9) 2.F8 RPC1 and Rip Speed Firmware

Included files

README.TXT This file

3500FAST.EXE 3100@3500 and Rip Lock Patches

3500RPC1.EXE RPC1, 3100@3500 and Rip Lock Patches

WINBTYPE.EXE Windows Book Type tool DVD+R SL & DL

the 3500rpc1.exe has both rpc1 and rip lock patches.
btw you may want also to give a try to beta6 released by Liggy, http://upload.cdfreaks.com/torsten/beta6.rar
refer to this thread for Liggy’s firmware: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=107360

Isnt Herries 2.17 based on the above mentioned software? Mad Dog 2.F8?

Welcome lubs

Just a note to evilhead´s link to Liggy´s “beta6” firmware. This is still on a “experimental” stage.

Herrie´s 2.17 is a good choice. :wink:

Odd. When I try to run the flasher for Herrie’s 2.17 I get an error stating “Target NEC ND-3500A is not found correctly.” I imagine this has something to do with me flashing to 2.08.

Evilhead - Thanks for the clarification regarding Mad Dog’s and shining light on Liggy’s developments for me. I must say, some of those scans from that experimental firmware are a little scary, but I suppose development has to begin somewhere.

Of course, but remember that many of those scans were done on overspeeded media.
btw, yes Herrie’s should be the best choice at the moment :iagree:

Would be real nice to turn off OPC and really get some fast burns in …few months from now this might be a great drive!

herries 2.17 :smiley:

LOL are you crazy or what? :stuck_out_tongue:
Disabling OPC + overspeeding media= 100% Coasters
C’mon, it’s a NEC… :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the reasons the ND-3500AG burns so well is it has a WOPC system, i’d choose quality over speed any day. :stuck_out_tongue:

WOPC = Walking Optimal Power Control (ie. laser power control)

I´m not that techical educated… did I get it right? :wink:

Just flashed mine with Herrie’s and i am back to 4x on my Verbatim 4x, with the beta 5 i could burn up to 12x…

According to NEC’s tech papers on the ND-3500AG which is where i get me tech info from :o your 100% correct :wink:
EDIT : Nec actually say ‘Optimized’ but same word innit :slight_smile:

WOPC is technically cool, quite advanced. Quality is more important than speed in my books. Mix these factors with Herrie’s firmware hacks and you are on a winner!!! Thank goodness I didnt buy a Pioneer 108…

Roger that…just wish 16X media would be more abundant though. :iagree:

Any suggestions as to how I can flash with Herrie’s despite the error? I’m almost certain the problem lies in the 2.08 firmware I have loaded now.

yeah use http://uniflash.cdfreaks.com

Thanks wesociety. Where can I get Herrie’s 2.17 in .bin format? Or should I go to retail and then flash to Herrie’s?

Here is the original firmware plus modded 2.16’s in *.bin format:


Use the flash tool above and then use Herrie’s 2.17 flasher to go back up.

Just remember to reboot the system when it needs to reboot.