3500 w/ 2.16 and Nero Bit Setting for DVD-R

I didn’t think bit setting was possible for DVD -R’s? I’m using Nero and I burned a couple of data DVD-R’s with Nero bit setting as “automatic” and at the start of each burn, it says set to ‘DVD-ROM’.

Is this right or is Nero just messed up?

I read in some thread that the using Nero with the 3500 you could only do bit setting for about 250 disks, is this true?

I also was wondering the same question about NEC 3500A.

I tried setting the bitsetting option to dvd-rom and the DVD book type for a DVD-R was still set to DVD-R.

Anyone have any answerd or comments on this situation ?

Nero is probably setting the drive to burn DVD+R/RW discs as DVD-ROM, but of course this won’t affect the DVD-R discs.

Bitsetting does not work with DVD-R discs, because the booktype information is pre-written here, and not changeable. Bitsetting = DVD+R(W) only.

Read the following CD Freaks article:


As far as bitsetting and Nero is concerned, read this thread.