3500 + Verbatim high PI error




I have my nec 3500 dvd recorder for some time now, but recently I noticed big problem. I’ve heard about PI errors, so I decided to check out my dvds. The results were shocking. PI error were at fisr very low, but then in the middle of dvd started to climb dramaticly and stopped at around 3500!!! I tried to record them again and the results were the same. I’ve recorder several dvds but the results were the same.
Some facts:

  • i used Verbatim DVD+R 8x disc (MCC 003)
  • firmaware is latest official
  • i tried 4x and 8x speed - the results were the same
  • the buffer never dropped - i used computer only for recording
  • no other application was active and used CPU



And how is the transfer rate test in nec and the combo of the same disc ?


You must use a true burner to do scanners. You must use a BenQ, for example. Or also you can use a reader, for example the Aopen 1648/aap. You do not trust the machine that you are using now


First of all, welcome to the forum.

Vega22 is right, most people here recommend using a DVD-burner for PIE/PIF scanning, since they have had bad experiences with scanning using DVD-reading drives (as in: strange results that just could not be correct). Also, I don’t really know what “najvec” means, but if it means “maximum” I would suggest scanning at a lower speed.

BTW, although an excellent burner, your 3500 isn’t capable of PIE/PIF scanning. There are rumours however that this feature will be added to the 3500 soon. (as a matter of fact, most people here believe this feature will be added today!)


While I do think using a true burner capable of doing pi/f scan is the only way to obtain more accurate result.

But by looking to the graphs, I won’t believe a true burner can magically “reduce” that amount of errors.

So, either your NEC is borked or you got bad/fake media.


Tommy: You are right. “Največ” means “maximum”.

wariyo: Try to do test with more accurate DVD writer. For example LiteOn, BenQ, Plextor, Teac, Sony, Philips, Nec (3520, 3540)… and set scanning speed at 4x, 5x or 8x (for BenQ). Anyway your scan looks like fake MCC or some problem with drive or system. Try different media and also check your system if DMA is enabled.


Hehe… yes “največ” means “maximum” in Slovenian language. =P


I don’t think it’s fake MCC, since it is Verbatim branded (unless someone faked both the mediacode and the brand, but that’s unlikely).

What language is “Največ”?

edit: Just saw Quikee’s post :slight_smile:


Thank you for your aswers. I’m testing dvds on my laptop’s combo drive. I can’t try other dvd recorder like BenQ, so i’ll try to put my 3500 into someone elses computer. I can’t understand what hapens there in the beginnig and in the end is ok, but the middle is disaster.

Thanks anywhy.

p.s. Sorry about the Nero Speed language… it’s Slovenian


That progressive error spike could very likely be from vibration increasing on the laptop drive as read speeds escalate.


I have had good results with Verbatim MCC 003 at 8X with my 3500 and 2.18 firmware (see below for a reliable scan). I would agree you are using the wrong drive for scanning.


Time to give up your 3500. Buy other brand. :slight_smile:


That is funny. :stuck_out_tongue: There will be plenty of people queing up to get it if you don’t want it. The 3500 is one of the best burners ever made.