3500 & Taiyo Yuden



Hi guys,

What is the best Taiyo Yuden dye for the 3500.

I seen 100 Taiyo Yuden DVD+R for £40. They are YudenT000002 (or however many 0’s there are lol). Is this a good deal?


My 3500 likes the T02’s like nothing else! :iagree:
Not sure about the price though, where I live this would be a bargain. Make sure they are originals, as in:
TY type = media ID / inner hub reading
4x dvd-r = TYG01 / GD00xxxx
8x dvd-r = TYG02 / GG00xxxx
16x dvd-r = TYG03 / GH00xxxx
4x dvd+r = YUDEN000T01 / no reading
[B]8x dvd+r = YUDEN000T02 / TG00xxxx[/B]
16x dvd+r = YUDEN000T03 / TH00xxxx


Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printable DVD+R

Thats the info for them… genuine I hope because I think I’ll order next Friday (payday lol).


They are the best + dvd’s after the MCC004 for 3500 :iagree:


YUDEN000 T02. No question about it. They are also the best for almost any drive I have tested other than the NEC 4570, but their firmware is new.