3500 Something simple - please



Hi Guys -
Had it but lost it when building my new PC.
Just need the following: -
Windows Flash Drive proggy and latest QUIKEE Firmware revision.
Essentialy - require a little package that will enable me to update under WINDOWS to latest QUIKEE - Please.


http://binflash.cdfreaks.com for the flasher…
signature for the firmware :wink:


Oh G
I’m really thick - the nsite you mponted me to looks great.
But myb requirements are simple (like me).
A Windows Flasher program and latest Quikee.

I had both of these and lost em - how-bout a little package that sorts me…


And why don’t you just download them… I pointed you in the right direction… I won’t give you no package… As the making of a package requires work for me… but no work for you.


Thanks - Yawn…


What an a@@ …makes mental note of what an A@@ nartin is Yes nartin :stuck_out_tongue:


rolling56: Huh?


Wanting you to go to the trouble to make a package…nevermind…


Milestone Extreme Package

  • 2.28 Milestone Extreme firmware
  • 2.18 Milestone Extreme firmware
  • Changed strategies text file
  • Liggy’s BinFlash



Quikee > You must be in a good mood…Hope nartin says thanks


:a too bad you didn’t YAWN at another stupid firmware thread quickee2 :a


wow i was searching the forums for some info on firmware and wow how could someone be such a wanker to someone that takes there spare time to better other peoples hardware. quikee2 next time just tell the dude to shove it.


agentbad: I was in a good mood :slight_smile: