3500: same bios, different CRC. Is it normal?

Hi guys!

I flashed my NEC 3500 with the L2-V2beta2 firmware and NECWinFlash.

Then I compared the CRC of the bios file (taken via internet) with the CRC of the dump file (taken with the “dump” function of NECWinFlash).

They are different.

Is this normal?

The drive seems to work well anyway…


EDIT: There is only one difference between the two files (probably nothing of really important):

at line 16796

I am no expert, but the one on the left looks like a ND-3100 and the one on the right looks like a ND-3500. Though line 16796 doesn’t sound like the right location for the identifier.

I am sure someone can confirm this, possibly Liggy?

It doesn’t matter if it’s set K350 or K310