3500 read performance

Hi all,

Wondering if you can shed any light on why my 3500 is no longer able to copy an iso of a disk that it has burnt previously, to hard disk? Disks burnt in the the 3500 play well in it and my Pioneer 373 player & Sony RDR-GX7 DVD recorder however I am concerned by this development as some of my video camera footage is archived to Ritek G05 Media and I need to get it onto something more robust pronto (after reading the threads concerning same!).

Other media that burns and plays well but will not copy back to HDD (using DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink or Nero 6) is Sony -RW (Ritek WO1) & Verbatim -RW(MCC 01RW11N9).

Drive has been used for its whole life in external USB2 / FW case without obvious problems (removed only to flash FW and refitted).

FW has been flashed from V2.16 to V2.1A however no improvement noted.

Discs can be read to HDD by my laptop DVD reader.

Any ideas would be most appreciated…

I can’t shed any light… you obviously need another drive to rip these problematic discs… most probably they’re difficult to read and the 3500 is not such a good reader that it can retrieve all of the data. :frowning:

The 3500 is a great burner, but not an excellent reader from what I’ve read around.

I recently came across a guy in this forum who could rip all his problematic G05 with an LG 4167 drive. You could also try a LiteOn…

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not much to add other than complete this as soon as possible ritek media failure is not a slow process. benqs also are supposed to be good readers.

Thanks for the welcome and your comments.

After much further reading of various threads I have come to much the same conclusion. My current leaning is towards the Benq 1640 or similar however the whole question of media stability for long term archiving of this video footage is beginning to make me wonder what media is safe to use. Is there any “bulletproof” media & or burner combination that could be suggested as being suitable for long term storage purposes?

I know Memorex recently announced a more-durable DVD blank; what I don’t know is, who actually will/is making it for them (as they do not manufacture media, but rather outsource it).

Archival quality: Verbatim-branded MCC03GR20 (-R) and MCC004 (+R) (also MCC02RG20 if you can still find them), Ricoh-branded RICOHJPN R01/R02, TDK-branded MBIPG101 R04, Unbranded or Plexor-branded TYG02, YUDEN000T02 and YUDEN000T03. IMO.

Much more expensive: TDK “scratchproof” TTH02.

Sadly, no such thing as a “bullet-proof” media. :(- you’ll still need to handle the discs with care, avoid scratches and smudges, store them away from light and humidity etc…